Mood Engineering, The workshop on Human-Agent Interaction 2014

The workshop on Human-Agent Interaction 2014 (HAI2014)

Creating effective moods with robots/agents. What makes a good mood?

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers from multiple disciplines associated with the study of robots/agents' mood, such as multiparty/multimodal interactions, human-agent interaction, robotics, verbal and nonverbal behaviors, social robots/agents and social psychology. Humans have the capacity to read the emotions of other people and understand their moods, such as friendliness, excitement, and boredom, by observing verbal and nonverbal expressions. Thus it will be useful to develop conversational robots/agents that can recognize our moods, and create effective moods in each situation. However, unified principles of conversational agents/robots have not been found until now. What makes a good mood? Which verbal and nonverbal cues facilitate conversational moods? How can robots/agents create good mood with us? The workshop will discuss interaction models, principles, and techniques for developing robots/agent to comprehend mood. In this workshop, we will invite researchers from relevant field to deliberate on good mood with robots/agents.

The workshop will be held on Oct. 28th Afternoon 15:30-17:00 (HAI2014 will be held on Oct. 29-31 in Tsukuba)


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